Who are we?

SynergyTherm is a small brand created in Transylvania, back in 2019.  Since our first step into the market, we’ve been fortunate enough to help over 10,000 women take care of their skin in a natural and non-invasive way.

We want to put emphasis on natural, because it’s well known the vast majority of skincare products are formulated with aggressive chemicals. These chemicals harm the skin and have a negative long-term impact on your health. 

So we took it upon ourselves to go against big skincare companies and shady brands, hoping to make a positive shift in the industry.

Why Synergy?

Because we managed to create the perfect synergy between nature and science. It was a challenging journey, and we want you to enjoy the rewards. 

The People Behind Synergy Therm

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women feel good in their skin. We are not in the business of selling skin care products, we are in the business of self-confidence. 

We want you to smile every time you look in the mirror.  To enjoy going out with your friends, taking photos, expressing yourself in all the ways you can think of. 

We want to give you the courage you need to take on new opportunities, to face the world with your head held high. 

That’s what drives us.

Knowing we helped you be more confident to go to a job interview, to start a new business or ask for a raise...

To feel secure and happy with yourself when you’re out on a date…

To say what you think and say it proudly! 

Those are the types of things that give us energy to deliver the best products we possibly can. 

We want to break the mold and create a transparent relationship with our clients. You get what you see.  No surprises.

That’s our promise to you.

Our Process

Our region was blessed with highly nutrient thermal waters. These waters have been used for millennia by ancient civilizations, medieval societies, and now… us, in the modern world.

Yearly, tens of thousands of people from all over Europe come to take baths and recharge here. However, almost no one was aware of the potential benefits this water could have on the skin, if combined with other potent natural ingredients. 

Knowing that we are sitting on a health goldmine, we went through a series of tests to see how beneficial it would be to use our region’s thermal water as a foundational element in skincare products. 

We invested over a year of our time into researching in our lab, combining natural ingredients together with thermal water in order to find the perfect formulas for the best results. 

Once we proved our concept works without any side effects, we created a line of 13 derma-cosmetic products that have amazing effects on all types of skin. 

And after selling more packages than we can count in our native country, it was time to expand in Europe.

That’s why this website exists. 

We want to share our creations with you! 

Why is Thermal Water so Magical?

We’re more than happy to go into what studies we’ve done, and how the minerals in the thermal water work on the skin.

However, to spare you from reading pages of research, we’ve compiled the top benefits you get to enjoy because of our thermal water.  (If you want to dive into the science behind these, send an email to support@synergytherm.eu and we’ll send you a detailed explanation)

Cleans, tones and moisturizes the skin, especially after a long stay in dry, air-conditioned rooms. It can be used as a moisturizer for people who have oily skin and do not benefit from the use of creams or lotions.

It has a soothing power that protects the skin (even the most sensitive) from the sun’s aggression and pollution.

It contributes to the replenishment of the nutrients and minerals the skin and the hair lose in the day to day.

It has an antioxidant action.

Relieves discomfort after aesthetic procedures such as body hair removal or shaving and dermatological procedures such as laser or peeling.

It is desensitizing. It relieves inflammatory and irritating states and soothes itches and redness associated with insect bites and allergies.

Relieves pain felt after sunburn due to its healing action.

Refreshes the dermis on hot days, whether on the road, on the beach or while exercising.

Balances skin. Thermal spring water helps control oiliness and protects dry skin from external aggressions.

Helps to treat and prevent dark circles.